From the ashes of a corrupt government, we, WarHawks, arise. We are your salvation, and for our enemies, we are the ones that shall reduce them to rubble...

    Sample Application

    Myrrdin Emrys
    Myrrdin Emrys

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    Sample Application

    Post by Myrrdin Emrys on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:23 am

    1). Your name? Myrrdin Emrys
    2). Your nation's name? Xoxan
    3). Your nation link?
    4). Who recruited you? WarHawks.
    5). What do you think are the main benefits of joining an alliance? At first? The initial benefits of joining an alliance include the player benefiting from the experience and protection of older nations, and the older nations benefiting from another nation to take up their banner.
    6). Why did you choose WarHawks? Because it sounded cool. Period.
    7). Tell us a joke. Your birth-certificate was an apology from the doctor.

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